Aug 1, 2012

Lush wonderland

When I need to clear my mind or crave for a moment of escapism, I'll go for a walk. Fortunately for me, I live a stone's throw away from Buena Vista Park, a hilly, woodsy getaway just south of Haight Street. The park is not that big, but it is filled to the brim with a hodgepodge of massive trees (redwoods, oaks, eucalyptus, pine, cypress), healthy shrubbery, and a web of steep, well-manicured trails. There are pockets of  superb downtown views, and on a clear day you can spot the Golden Gate nestled below the Marin headlands from the summit. A quick wander through, equipped with only good music blasting in my ears -- sometimes one song on heavy repeat -- lets my thoughts wander, enhances my curiosity, and offers rare moments of introspection while in a beautiful environment. 
Leather jacket from Amsterdam, bag from Florence, Anthropologie shirt, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Franco Sarto wedges.
Commendable forestation by the city of San Francisco.
A furry fellow I spotted on my most recent stroll. 

Jul 23, 2012

Thanks, bro

No, really. I need to thank my oppa (older brother in Korean) for this white linen shirt I swiped from his closet.  He doesn't know I have it yet, and I'm fairly certain he will be peeved with me when he finds out. Mainly because he spent much of his adolescent years dealing with an obnoxious younger sister (me) who would constantly take and wreck his things -- various electronics and toys, his entire "Calvin & Hobbes" collection. While I know I'm well past this phase of tormenting my brother, it was way too hard to pass up on this shirt when I was spotted it.  It's breezy, sublimely soft, has a broken-in feel that I dig, and is proving to be another summer wardrobe staple. Here's to hoping he doesn't ask for it back...or notice it missing!
Brother's shirt, 7 for All Mankind skinnies, Alberta Ferretti sandals, H&M belt, bracelets from Ecuador (red) and Forever 21.
The look of a "guilty"  and annoying younger sister. 

Jul 18, 2012

Please excuse me

I'm totally having a diva moment right here. Must be the aviators plus black blazer and red lips combo. Or it could also be due to the rush of energy I always get whenever I walk through Maiden Lane, a quiet and charming alley tucked away from Union Square that also serves as home to a few luxe retailers including Chanel and Hermes, and the Xanadu Gallery, which is the only building in San Francisco by Frank Lloyd Wright (it originally housed the V.C. Morris Gift Shop). Whatever it is I promise this "attitude" of mine was temporary.  I'm currently back on my couch, eating a Snickers bar and listening to the crap out of Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange" album (can't get enough of this song).
Peplum top and blazer from Korea, 7 for All Mankind jeans, H&M belt, Madewell sandals, Prada aviators, Lancel bag and vintage ring from Pretty Penny in Berkeley, Calif.
 Photos by Ryan (Check out this great shot of him by moi here